CSS and Pods Hints

  • CSS stripes

    Zebra striping a table or a list

  • Howto: List events by date with pods

    Here the  event date is a date/time custom field – start_tag –, it can have any format since it’s still saved as a meta value as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss it’s just converted for display. I use where to select the events to list. Remarks: Depending of your SQL server you can use NOW() instead of curdate().…

  • HowTo: List posts of a category with Pods

    Insert in the pods statement

  • HowTo: Pods, format the post_date in a template

    The “magic” @{post_date} returns the date as defined in the wp settings. To display the date for example as “Jan 2017” you can define in functions.php function my_datum($input_date) { return date_i18n(“M Y”, strtotime($input_date)); } and in the desired template use @{post_date,my_datum} Link to Date Formats

  • Howto: Restricted custom field access with Pods

    Example: Display the description of  videos for everyone, but optionally restrict the acces to the video. 1. define in the Pod videoliste a video custom field (video) and a YEs/NO custom field (free). 2. define a template to list the videos: videotempl (Using Shortcodes in Pods Templates) 3. Insert in functions.php the restricted_video function: 4.…

  • Howto: Using Shortcodes in Pods Templates

    By default including a shortcode within a Pods shortcode (nesting it within the “pods” shortcode or building a shortcode within a Pods Template or Custom Template with Magic Tags) will not work. If you need this functionality to work, you need to include the following constant in your wp_config.php file: If you need to parse a…

  • Members plugin shortcodes

    members_access This  shortcode is for hiding content from particular roles and capabilities. You need to wrap your content when using this shortcode: The plugin accepts the following parameters (mixing and matching won’t work): * `role` – A single or comma-separated list of roles.* `capability` – A single or comma-separated list of capabilities.* `user_name` – A…

  • Pods, multiple sort example

    Sort by two fields