This is a test Site

  • Redirect login to refering page

    Redirect after login to this page: Or for the actual Page use the Login/out Block from the Editor

  • Site-specific Login plugin

    Based on How to add custom fields to the WordPress registration form Customizing the Login Form add wordpress user meta information in admin Adding a custom field to the user (“logincustomizing” Plugin): Front end registration of a custom field “vtadnr” (defined via pods) Validate the vtanr field Save the field Backend: Display the VTADNR field […]

  • Tooltip for the login form

    The “reset Password form” is sometimes confusing for newcomers. Here a easy way to add tool tips to the password field and the reset password button. I inserted this function in a custom plugin. References: https://codex.wordpress.org/Customizing_the_Login_Form https://www.cssigniter.com/how-to-add-custom-fields-to-the-wordpress-registration-form/ https://atomiks.github.io/tippyjs/

  • Useful

    Emojis 👍👍🎞️ 🎞️📰📰 https://emojiterra.com/de/daumen-hoch/ Free Pictureshttps://www.pexels.com

  • WP Plugins used to migrate

    Following Plugins helped by the migration from Drupal and MediaWiki to WP Pods – Provides many functions similar as Drupal content Types, Fields and Views Post Views Counter – similar to statistics/Page views from Drupal Groups partly provide functions similar to the Content Access Module and Drupal’s core Permissions/Roles, Users Menus Hide/show menus depending on roles. PHPEnkoder – Hide email addresses […]