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WP Plugins used to migrate

Following Plugins helped by the migration from Drupal and MediaWiki to WP

  • Pods – Provides many functions similar as Drupal content Types, Fields and Views
  • Post Views Counter – similar to statistics/Page views from Drupal
  • Groups partly provide functions similar to the Content Access Module and Drupal’s core Permissions/Roles,
  • Users Menus Hide/show menus depending on roles.
  • PHPEnkoder – Hide email addresses similar as Drupal’s invisimail
  • MathJax-LaTeX – Mathjax enables rendering of embedded latex or mathml, similar to Math from MediaWiki
  • Post Type Switcher – similar to Drupal’s Node Convert
  • Duplicate Post – similar to Drupal’s Node Clone
  • My WP Translate – allows to overwrite/translate text similar to Drupal’s translate configuration feature.  Had some problems because of differences between the .pot and .po files in the WP Security plugin.
  • Events Manager – Large plugin offering parts of the Drupal’s Date + Calendar + Webform + Payment modules
  • FeedWordPress – simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress, used to create posts
  • Tuxedo Big File Uploads – Enables large file uploads in the built-in WordPress media uploader.